The Lighthouse

As we Christians navigate this life, remember, we are not yet home. We've left home, but we have not yet arrived on the promised shores. The sea remains. 

Buffered as we must be then by the winds and waves and beasts of suffering and doubts and fear and paganism, ebbing and flowing with the joys of Christ and the world as yet that he's committed to unbelief, the Cross serves as the lighthouse. 

The lighthouse is lit. 

It rises over the horizon and disappears from view. The clouds will hide it, but neither what's above nor what's beneath can can rattle it. The triune God maintains that light. It is finished and he is coming. The sun could more quickly fail than it. 

Christian, vomit over the side if needed, but take heart in the certainty he's given you. The Lord is Lord of the lighthouse, the boat you're in, the seas you're on, and all shores. What greater hope can there be than him? The one who could calm all the storms, and who directs all the winds, has ordained your exact present course. What is your life? 

Joseph Pittano

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