Evolution Is Just Bad Philosophy

There’s a reason why neither Jesus nor any of the prophets commented on the kind of naturalistic evolution in vogue in our generation. On the idea that mankind, before we ever became mankind-ish, had wiggled out of the oceans away from our amoebic ancestry. Obviously, the main reason is that he, the Creator of it all, didn’t believe in it. Another reason I think is that people just weren’t dull enough to buy into it yet. I’m sure that in animism there are similar impulses in a natural observance of the world, but evolutionary faith today is a whole new framework for devotion. It’s a fine line between worshipping a rock and becoming one by denying its Creator. Evolution is advanced paganism. It may not lead a person to push a virgin into a volcano, but it will help lead someone to speak of a million moms and dads killing their unborn sons and daughters as a right, choice, or even a virtue. Evolution is for a people less intelligent in many ways but far wealthier than ancient man. It is for a people too distracted to really wonder about it anyway. I always laugh when someone says how smart their child is because they can just pick up an iPad and start navigating it. I want to shout in my best Sam Kinison impression “It’s just screens they’re pressing!!!” I don’t think people are smarter today than we were before. Of course, collectively there’s far more information out there making us far more conventionally informed, and sure specialization always naturally stands on shoulders, but this doesn’t necessarily up any one individual’s IQ. Evolution is for a far more disconnected people than previously bred. I think it’s been well documented that when one of a person’s senses becomes lessened the others heighten. If we’re placed in the dark our hearing seems to amplify. Blind people demonstrate a dexterity in touch that those with sight usually can’t. In the absence of the spiritual, man senses certain sciences. This isn’t to say that any legitimate science is in any way opposed to Christ! There are wonderful and legitimate sciences we all benefit from, but evolution just isn’t one of them. It adds nothing good.

It takes time and philosophical layers to redefine superstition as fact in evolutionary philosophy, and there must be a common benefit beyond the idea itself for so many to ever join in. Carl Trueman’s book, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self does a great job in tracing modern ideas back to many of its sources. Where we are today in our thinking didn’t start yesterday. People like Nietzsche, Darwin, Freud, Kinsey, Blake and others take their seats in the stands to create the cacophony. Darwin stands out in my mind in the havoc his popularized ideas have brought. Evolution is a huge booger in the nostril of our society today. It’s behind so much of the sad aimlessness we see around us. Frankly, Baal worship makes more sense to me than naturalism or Darwinism since worshipping Baal at least means an acknowledgment of the realm of the spiritual. Carnal Darwinist man thinks he’s just carnal.


The popular and nowadays very distilled and cherry-picked ideas of Darwinism as it’s believed today (mind you for 99.9% of its ideologues in total acquiescence yet complete non-exploration) are at the heart of the rot in my culture. The false idea that we’re all bonobo monkeys can’t lead to nobility. A monkey in a tuxedo is still just a monkey in a tuxedo. The rampant abandonment of maturity and responsibility, the in-your-face nature of sexual perversion, greed, violence, lewdness, disrespect, and arrogance can all be tied to the rise of such ideology opiating the minds of the more than willing masses. Behind most of it is the pleasure of the orgasm. I can’t think of a sadder description for my society today than Psalm 12:8 that says, “The wicked strut about on every side when vileness is exalted among the sons of men.” Most modern evolutionary devotees oppose everything Jesus taught. But you can’t entirely fault a kid for acting like an ape when you lie to him and tell him he basically is one. We have spawned literal generations of nit wits in this philosophy. And since “science” demands nothing of anyone it allows its parishioners to be anything they wish and nothing they don’t. Evolution puts each of us at the top…which is exactly where men love to be. Nothing above. Think Lennon not Lenin, Wormwood. Well, the late great RC Sproul once said, “If man is no longer accountable to God, then man no longer counts.” This is true of many of my kinsmen, and Darwin, I say more than anyone perhaps aside from Flint or Heffner, has helped make it so. People are just aimless today in entertained carnality. A stupor of distraction brings them home each night yet wakes them up each morning. Naturalism, the denial of the God we know made us, seeks to make each man another Antoine Roquentin, and most people today, having no time to really question it anyway, just go along pretending to see the clothes on the great emperor science cuz that’s just what we see everyone else doing.

Slippery slope arguments are often true. Western culture needed wealth (indoor plumbing, the NFL, cable news, and sticky pads) to ever accept the dogmatic tenets of naturalism. A thriving middle class was needed. There are often problems with material blessing, but industrialization led to unprecedented wealth in my country. In it, the sexual revolutions could flourish. “Woe to those who are at ease in Zion and to those who feel secure in the mountain of Samaria…” Amos 6:1a. On the heels of the open sexual revolution of the 1960’s in America came the homosexual revolution, and now even the degree of insanity demonstrated in transgenderism.

I will always seek to demonstrate how evolution is to be defeated precisely at the level it never passes which is the ideological level. We’re not arguing against the fact of it when we debate evolution; we’re simply often arguing against certain facts aligned to make a fiction. Evolution is science fiction. A belief. A philosophical construct. This is easily demonstrable. Once examined, the foolishness of it usually takes the conversation to a much better frame. Of course, there’s data in it. There’s data in everything. People believe in a flat earth because there’s data. I remind you of the strong motivation of money and notoriety in the promulgation of the naturalistic worldview in recent years. As a Christian, I try to look to the spiritual realities behind the curtain. Why people believe it is clearly not because they’ve seen it. So, what is it? There has to be a motivating force behind it. I say it’s pure selfism. People want it because they’re into self. This is also why men like Joel Osteen have a following. 2 Timothy 4:3. Writ large it’s God giving us over to depravity. See Romans 1. It’s another “evil thing” invented. Evolution is that kind of non-phenomenal wickedness that Screwtape told Wormwood he should be willing to report. It steals, kills, and destroys. Not as spectacularly as rape or religious hypocrisy does, but it’ll do the trick just fine. It robs mankind (men and women) of their dignity as made in God’s image. It blinds. It deadens all. It profanes everything. So many believe it because, well, see again Romans 1. We today deny the truth and so God sends delusion to destroy. My congress just in the past few months in its unbridled hatred for God and for Christians just stuck up a middle finger to heaven at least as large as Babel in its shameful “Respect for Marriage Act” which is anything but respectful toward marriage. I’m sure most of them buy evolution. Well friends, 2 Thessalonians 2:10b-12 is true of any nation at any time who rejects God, and those with more light get judged harshest. “…because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.” Reader, I can’t understand the intellectual suicide of evolution except as a part of God’s judgment on a people who reject the Cross. I can’t explain naturalism’s kind of blindness on the scale I see it without his hardening judgment. I can’t explain the tsunami of apostasy in the LGBTPFBQ sin, most especially among those who call themselves Christians, aside from it. Abortion wouldn’t be as it is without naturalism’s tentacles. When I look around it’s like we’re pharaoh’s soldiers actually charging into the Red Sea, man! Who in their right mind would charge in after seeing what the God of these people did to them?! Answer: none. They weren’t in their right mind. They’d been hardened by God. We are too hence Dylan Mulvaney goes to the White House. Naturalistic evolution isn’t the proximate cause of it all, of course, but the hate potion of our day simply wouldn’t exist without it.

To combat evolution, we must try to show men that its ideas are not factual, but merely speculative. Pre-supposed. Another a priori philosophy. We must at some point show it unwise for its unscientific nature to be explored. We must show it as just another ideology with no facts concluding its suppositions. This helps because the rhetoric is that it’s not. The propaganda says, “It’s factual and all other ideas about origins are merely speculative.” This can’t be 1) more untrue, and 2) easier to prove. This claim of certainty, believed yet remaining mostly unexplored, is the new drug. I leave God out of none of it. I’m a presuppositionalist who (like I hope any good one would do) will offer all the evidence possible to people while never putting them on a throne to judge God.

Simply put, evolution aids an undiluted selfism. It’s the Jeff Spicoli of religions. When people hear the word “science” today they have become willing to bow to it to allow such ideas to ever be confused with the certainty of the world around them. Evolution is self-serving. It lets you sleep in on Sunday mornings. I’ll take it. Evolution lets me have sex with whomever I wish; God doesn’t. I’ll take evolution. Evolution lets me listen to whatever music I wish; God doesn’t. I’ll take evolution. Evolution lets me look at pornography; God doesn’t. I’ll take evolution. Evolution lets me pursue my greed and ambitions to the denial of everything else I wish; God doesn’t. I’ll take evolution. Evolution lets me think of myself as the center of all things as I wish; God doesn’t. I’ll take evolution. It feeds avarice. An ultimate aphrodisiac in self-love. Folks, this is why so many love it. As coldness has grown, God has given us over to it, and people now think we came from accidents instead of from God.

The real danger of evolution is that many people are asleep at the wheel with it. It’s been branded as “neutral” in ideology. We believe it because we’re just too darn busy to critically examine it. This took time. This has parts. I’d like to recommend just two short videos to help any parents out there to teach your kids reality and to prevent them from being proselytized by the naturalists any longer. Evolution is opposed to the truth of Christianity. It is not neutral.

The first is from Genesis Apologetics called, “Genesis Impact (2020).
The second is from Answers in Genesis called, “This Drives Evolutionists Crazy, but It’s True.
God bless!

Joseph Pittano

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