Jesus Christ came to give eternal life to as many as the Lord would call, Mark 10:45. If a person is truly a Christian, it’s not because they’ve got it all together. It’s not because they had the right apologetic discourse presented to them in the perfect order- and so they believed. They have no claim to credit for their pardon Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us. It’s only because they have been given life that they live! Like Lazarus they were completely passive when called from their tomb.
     This imputed righteousness is life. It is active and effectual by the power of God the Holy Spirit. It expels evil, changes the mind and motivates the desire for holiness. Christians want to live their abundance before God in open fellowship more than anything else. The life Christ gives produces an evident resolve and makes a person a real disciple. Christians do not just follow teachings about Jesus. They don’t simply follow commands for the sake of following commands. They follow Christ Himself.
     There are so many who can tell you that they believe Jesus died for their sins. They can tell you that He was raised from the dead. Professing that one believes facts about Jesus alone, please hear me, is meritless if there is not a life to evidence it, James 2:17. People who follow Christ are not like those who don’t. They are marked by holiness. Are you alive in Christ? One old negro spiritual posed the question saying, “If you is what you was, you ain’t.” No one’s ever said it better. Are you Christ’s?
     Jesus said of His own, “You are the light of the world…” Matthew 5:14a. Can you look in the mirror and acknowledge that living reality…and rejoice?

Joseph Pittano

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Sophi - May 10th, 2024 at 5:05pm

Amazing work!! Love to see someone willing to say it like it is,and not like people think it should be. Keep em coming!!!