It Is Quite Natural to Be Spiritual

I’ll be brief. I wanted to take a moment today to tell you that it’s quite human to be spiritual. Atheism, though it’s rightly AKA “naturalism,” is really not natural at all. It is human to be spiritual. Now by “spiritual,” I as a Christian don’t thereby endorse the modern dogmatic allergy to, “organized religion” of our day for the substitutionary self-adoration affirmation of only the distant Deity god who’d never be so rude as to tell me what to do, I just mean that God- the God of the Bible- the only God, made man to be spiritual. God is a Spirit. A triune one at that. Adam, according to God, was made a “living person” (NASB), or “speaking spirit” in Genesis 2:7. Eve as well. If that’s too exegetical, just consider that for a being made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur (dirt) to be made “In the image of a God who is a Spirit,” it means he’s spiritual. So, Adam was made a fleshly being with spirit (the Holy Spirit actually) in him. Adam spoke through natural organs (larynx, lungs, tongue, diaphragm, etc.) like his Creator who speaks louder without any of them. He sees through eyes like his God who sees without them. He hears with ears like his God who hears without them, etc.

When Adam sinned, as was his free will choice to rebel and also God’s pre-ordained plan, a death occurred. A first death if you will into which each of his progeny was then born. Jesus, his Creator, came to make it so that we could be born again. John 1:14, et al.
There is truth. If the Bible is true, then there is no other truth. By the laws of logic, despite anyone’s naysaying, it’s quite reasonable to assert this as two contradictions cannot both be true. They can both be false, but not both true. You may deny it, but it’s quite reasonable to say that Jesus is the only way to the only God and that he alone actually fixes what’s broken through the Cross.

Christ alone restores to anyone born in Adam’s line that eternal life that was lost in sin back in Eden. 2 Timothy 1:10 says it all here when it says that Jesus the Christ: “…abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” Yeah, baby! The gates are wide open to all who will repent.

To seek for eternity is human. To be aware of the spiritual is human. To deny all of this is not. It’s inhuman to be an atheist.

Joseph Pittano

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