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Learning about who Christ is and what he has done is what Colossians is all...
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Colossians is a remarkable book. We are beginning a series study in the letter. Now,...
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Faith and works. How do they relate? I love this topic! In our day, the...
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Christology. It matters. It matters both in who we say Jesus is, and then also...
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God’s communicable attributes are those attributes or characteristics that God has chosen to reveal of...
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If the invisible triune God has touched a life, and if you have the tools...
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Today in church, we closed out Peter’s second epistle. He writes to encourage his readers...
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Throughout the course of most of my longer Bible studies, I try to set aside...
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This is a brief talk on the Churches or Church of Christ (CoC). I cannot...
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Peter reminds us here of some of God's most terrible judgments in history. God's condemnation...
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Happy new year! May it be the best year of your life! I pray this...
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