Abortion. A Sex Issue (50 min)

Title: Abortion. A Sex Issue (50 min)
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Abortion should be both illegal and unthinkable worldwide. It’s murder- nothing short and at no point in the developmental process. It’s just as wrong to abort a baby at nine days old as it is at nine months old. Once there’s conception, a life must be protected. But this is more than just a civil issue of homicide. I know it’s wrong to harm innocent people, even tiny ones, not because the federal government told me so, but because God told me so. The issue of abortion goes back to sex. Abortion is ultimately about sexual immorality. I’m not “pro-life” just because I know it’s wrong to murder people and want it to stop. I happen to be on the pro-life side here because I’m a Christian. I want people to think about responsibility in sex before God so that they might both value and enjoy it more…rightly. This will lead to us not killing kids. If we valued sex more as that wonderful thing designed by God and given to husbands and wives, then we’d have more people ready for babies in such beautiful commitment. Abortion is ultimately a sex issue. Let’s talk about it.

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