My Time in the Word of Faith Cult. Part 2 of 3 (35 min)

Title: My Time in the Word of Faith Cult. Part 2 of 3 (35 min)
Message Description:

This is part two of a three-part talk.

God works in mysterious ways sometimes. Salvation is his. Its timing is his. It’s only by the fruit of it that I can judge either in myself or anyone else. Back in 2002, God began what I can only now call an “Outward work” in my life. I say that because I’m not sure I came to Jesus for the right reasons then, or by the power of the Holy Spirit at all. I’m not sure. I wanted something of/with Jesus then. I wanted heaven. I made “decisions” for Jesus. I was in churchish places, catching people “Drunk in the Holy Spirit,” out sharing about Jesus or in Bible study more than just about anyone else I knew, but I’m not sure I was actually “regenerated.” I can’t imagine I’d have turned as I did if I had not been born again, but I’m just not sure. I know theologically that no one ever really comes to Jesus unless they have been born again already, but since I didn’t really understand the Gospel as the forgiveness of sin back then I can’t with confidence say that I think I was a Christian while in the Word of Faith cult. It wasn’t for some period over two years of that that I look back now and say that after hearing just one sermon everything changed in me toward God. I feared him for the first time. I believe it’s safe for me to say that the true, confident profession of God’s “Inward work” in this heart some years after coming into the Word of Faith Religion led me out of the Word of Faith cult and into Christ and a true Gospel. For sure. I don’t talk about this all that much, but maybe I should.

I did write a few letters on the subject many years ago, and I do name some names here:

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Some other resources for deeper study in this area:

John MacArthur. “Charismatic Chaos;” “Strange Fire.”

Jeremiah Roberts and Jeff Durbin. The show “Cultish.” This is a link to just part 1 of a series mentioned in this audio message called “Defecting From Bethel.”

Justin Peters. His ministry at is a great place to start for tons of great materials on this subject.



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