The Commandments of Kindness (29 min)

Title: The Commandments of Kindness (29 min)
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God has commanded parameters for the behavior of believers. Not just in how they live. That’s a given. God commands even how we carry out our task as witnesses in the world. We have commandments on how we’re to behave in our dealings with others. We will offend people. We must offend. In fact, we dare not imagine that we can possibly not offend. But, but, do we unnecessarily offend? That’s a good question to ask. Does kindness lead us in our teaching, evangelism and apologetics? It should. And this isn’t just a question for preachers. Every person we meet has an inherent sacred value. They matter. We’re not “suggested” to be kind as believers, we’re commanded to be gentle, patient, long suffering, wise, humble, etc., and to treat others as we ourselves would be treated. We judge as we wish to be judged. If we do these things with our eyes on Jesus, it is a blessing to all involved. We speak as ambassadors of a kingdom that cannot be shaken. Those who know this realize the responsibility of kindness and why it is the Christian way. I hope this message helps you think biblically about these things.

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