The Holy Trinity (48 min)

Title: The Holy Trinity (48 min)
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If you’ve ever listened to or shared a single message from me, I pray this is it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ intersects with our lives. It is where we come into contact with the living God. It introduces us to the triune God I’m proclaiming here today. But the Doctrine of the Trinity is the crown of what Christian theology is all about. Even more than the Gospel is the God of the Gospel. We don’t worship the Gospel; we worship the God of the Gospel. I love the Trinity! I pray this message helps you to understand, esteem and celebrate him as well.

Three great references for more on the Trinity:

1) James R. White’s “The Forgotten Trinity.”

2) Louis Berkhof’s Essay “The Holy Trinity.” Available as of 3 Mar 19 at:

3) John Calvin’s “Institutes of the Christian Religion.” Book 1.

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