People Are Suffering (21 min)

Title: People Are Suffering (21 min)
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I pray to never be indifferent to people when they’re suffering. People need other people just to be there for them sometimes. Scripture commands believers to, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” Romans 12:15. I pray I can do both well as a Gospel minister. But people are where they are in the world today for good reason. The depression, suicide, misery, cynicism, darkness, etc., that I see plaguing most of the men and women I know today is not for no reason. Sin brings misery, bondage and death eternal. How can someone not be miserable with that in their future? We as a nation are an accursed people, and we are being judged by God. There are people today who find it perfectly normal to pretend you’re of the opposite sex. How is that wickedness possible? We murder our own kids by the thousands daily. Unconscionable. Our country today celebrates homosexuality. Wicked. Fornication for a long time before that. Wow! Greed, lust, pride, selfishness. We flaunt it. And while such sins may have always been a part of the world, today, it’s on a national level I say like never before. Even Sodom and Gomorrah before they were turned to ash never dreamed of parents giving their kids hormones to help them fake a gender. It’s out of this that God saves and so I can’t lose hope, but I want to talk today with you about why people suffer in their lives. And why this must be understandable to us in our compassion and Gospel work.

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