Colossians Study Introduction. Colossians 1:1-8 (40 min)

Title: Colossians Study Introduction. Colossians 1:1-8 (40 min)
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Colossians is a remarkable book. We are beginning a series study in the letter. Now, some say the word of God didn’t build the church. It’s a lie. Scripture has always been the enduring center. Beyond each generation, what happened in any generation, was centered on written revelation almost from the very start. And without question since Moses. Epaphras, the Colossian pastor, didn’t have 27 books to teach them from like I do today. He had at least some access to all 39 books of the Old Covenant and only a small part of the New Covenant (NC). Removing contemporary books from this time period (~AD 61) and of course those letters that would come later in God’s timetable, even considering of course that no one had a printing press, Epaphras could only *possibly* have had any access to about 1/3 of the NC Scriptures. We today have it all. If they could come to a full assurance of the understanding of grace in their day in Colossae, how much more can we hope to who love the same God and have more of his word and more time to consider it? No matter when we’re alive, it’s all by God’s grace we can anyway. I pray this introduction to Colossians is a blessing to you as you consider the times they lived in and the blessing these people in Colossae were to God, to each other, to Paul and Timothy, to Epaphras and to all others who’d heard of what they were doing. The messages preached by the other pastors in this series will not be made available here on Biblecia. I will post here only my contributions to the series.

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