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Round Table Talk. Episode 5. Part 1. The Importance of the Local Church. (36 min)
Pastor Roy Broughman joins me in the talk today. He is the pastor of First... » Read more

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This doctrine is not what many people think and we want you to know what...
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The Lamb without spot or blemish. God in the flesh could never fail!
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Is Forgiveness Always conditional upon repentance? What if someone is not willing to repent, should...
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Definitions, descriptions and examples of the difference between Eisegetical and Exegetical preaching; It's good to...
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We want you to see a little about how the Old Testament is dated to...
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Is homosexuality compatible with Christianity? We'll tell you what we think and a little about...
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It isn't good to tell people that they're saved because they said a prayer or...
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This doctrine is a favorite for some. Some say it is the key to everything...
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What do Christians judge?
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The Gospel is not reserved to our friends, and we are not to bring the...
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First recorded on Christmas Eve of 2006 this presentation speaks a bit about where we...
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