3 John Study (2 of 2). 3 John 9-15 (65 min)

Joseph Pittano

You need the church in your life, my friend. We’ll see some of why that is as we consider John’s closing words to Gaius and his people here today. This is the second and last part of our brief walk through 3 John. We’ve spent the last few months going through all of John’s epistles. All of that audio material is available here on the site in the order of the passages. This was supposed to be a live-stream video today, but that didn’t work out due to the internet here in Germany. I recorded it then as a video, but had the wrong monitor on display and so the passages I walked through and the picture I showed were not available. The audio is all that’s left.

(The painting is called, “Das Examen.” Or “L’examen théologique.” In English it’s: “The theological examination.” It’s by Hasenclever & Janssen. Painted around 1880).

God bless!!!

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