John 6 (133 min)

Joseph Pittano

Join me for a walk through all of John 6 today. Jesus is the master evangelist. We’ll see our great God and Savior as that living bread that eternally satisfies, and never loses a single one, of those who come to him by faith. Let’s consider exactly what it means to eat his flesh and drink his blood, which he says we must to live. Let’s see here the work we’re commanded to do by believing in him. There is so much in this chapter! Let’s process carefully Jesus’ teaching about how anyone comes to him by the giving of the Father, and the offense it created in the mass of false disciples who were there in and around Capernaum in those days. Let’s see also what this teaches the disciples as their own hearts were drawn closer to him by this teaching. Again, there is just so much in this chapter. May God bless our time together.

God bless!!!

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