1 John Study (11 of 15). 1 John 4:7-15 (67 min)

Joseph Pittano

Love is not an idea that comes from the world. Not ever. Love is from God! Christians know love because God is love. Anyone who rejects Christ does not have love, not for God and not for anything else either. Everything is out of whack without God. We should seek to love God and love others in everything we do. Love, however, is an abused idea today both in the church and outside of it. A biblical worldview of it brings the Cross center focus in love. We are called as believers to love one another in light of the love of God demonstrated on the Cross for us. That stands as our motivation. It then embraces the truth about sin, the truth about God, the truth about repentance, the truth about judgment, the truth about our need for righteousness- all of it. Love binds us together in Christ. I pray you know it, love it and live it in your world.

Due to the Corona Virus, we’re again doing today’s Bible study online. This is the second week of this. Who knows how long it’ll continue. The video livestreams should all be posted on (Facebook) if you’d like to look them up. Today is 1 Apr 20 (professing atheist’s day).

God bless!!!

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