Systematic Theology (7 of 27). The Sufficiency of the Bible (51 min)

Joseph Pittano

The Bible is like a jar of honey that's never run out. A large proof of its inspiration is in this fact. For over 2,000 years in the New Covenant, and nearly double that in the Old Covenant, believers have known more than just the minimum, but no less that what has been required of them by God. Just consider for a moment the amount of dialogue, writing and contemplation that's gone on in history through the pages of Scripture. Some of it was good, some of it bad, some deplorable, but it's still going on. People are still diving in and not hitting their heads on the bottom of this pool. We're building on the shoulders of giants...and then realizing we're all still dwarfs next to the God who wrote the Bible. Today's talk is on the sufficiency of the Bible. It will pay dividends for us in later sections as we learn to go to the Bible for all our questions.

God bless!!!

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