Systematic Theology (22 of 27). Sin (1 of 2) (61 min)

Joseph Pittano

Today we begin an examination of sin. Its definition, its origin, its effects, etc. We’re in chapter 24 of Dr. Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology” text. This subject will cause us to examine both the cause and the effect of the Fall upon us all. Where did sin come from? How exactly did we “die in Adam” according to Scripture? What does Adam’s sin have to do with us? What is the difference between what’s called “original sin” and our “actual sins”? How can we reconcile our deadness in sin with an eternal, omnipotent and wise God? Is the world as we know it today just some “Plan B” of God? Is there any part of us that is not affected by the Fall? As you search after satisfactory answers to all of these questions in your life it’s my hope that today’s class will remind you of the importance of finding your answers in God himself, and not in yourself or anything else created.

Next time we’ll be back in chapter 24, pp. 500.4 – 510 (the close of the chapter).

God bless!!!

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