1 John Study (12 of 15). 1 John 4:16-21 (61 min)

Joseph Pittano

Love is a wonderful reality that the Christian lives in entirely unlike the world. The Christian has a love literally seated in heaven. It is a love in connection with the literal righteousness of Jesus that’s been given to them. It’s not just a feeling; it’s a reality we’re led to comprehend in Scripture. Love is often an abused subject both inside and outside of the church, but hopefully today our look at these closing verses in 1 John 4 will show it its warm and solid biblical context. Christians love God because he first loved us. Love perfects us. Love readies us for judgment and casts out the fear of God’s wrath. It strengthens our relationships and leads us to repent when we fail to show it to others. All of this becomes more and more the believer’s reality as their faith grows in wisdom and assurance. Faith works through a love based on truth. I pray you come to see and appreciate love more today as a result of our time together here.

God bless!!!

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