Evolution. Part 2

May 29, 2024    Joseph Pittano, Carlos Gonzalez

We are gonna chew the cud some more on the philosophy of evolution today. What people need is to consider this subject from an overview stance. When we do, we see how thin a case can be made for it. It is not “denying science” to deny Darwinism. To deny Darwinism is to affirm science against its science fiction. We’re going to talk about bias in research, homology, DNA, reductionism, the fact that time doesn’t solve the naturalist’s problems and more. We hope it’s an eye-opening talk for you. Christian, do not fear the opinions of the naturalists.

In today’s talk, I reference a video of Dr’s James Tour and Hector Zenile discussing the errors (if not lies or intentional misrepresentations) of Dr. Lee Cronin. It was an important discussion that talked about safeguards needed against the false claims of researchers in the origins of life world. Here’s a link to that video.


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