1 John Study (15 of 15). 1 John 5:18-21 (62 min)

Joseph Pittano

Today, we finish our time in 1 John with plans to move into 2nd and 3rd John next. I pray that you’ve been blessed by our time together in this letter. I know I was. Going online due to the COVID-19 has made this study time extra difficult. I appreciate your patience if you’ve been with us throughout. John writes with a clear intention. He wants his readers to know their Savior. His words show us what the truth is and then stir us up in it. He does so masterfully. I pray that we learn to test ourselves in Christ well, and that by that testing we grow in the intimate knowledge God gives to those who obey him.

Here’s a link to the devotional entry mentioned in today’s study: LBCF Reflections. Part 184. 27 Apr 20.

God bless!!!

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