To the Saints in Pakistan (29 of 38). Romans 11:25-36

Joseph Pittano

Today, I have the unspeakable privilege of finishing up Romans 11. What a lesson we have in the accomplishment of God’s decree over all the nations. Paul reminds us all that we all stand in Christ by the tender mercies of God alone. This was never not true of anyone. Grace alone and faith alone covers every page of the Bible in my theology. The Law was never opposed to this. I do believe that at the Second Coming of Jesus there will be ethnically traceable redemptive works of God toward the Hebrew people. There is only one covenant God has made with the world today, not two, however, I do see clearly here in this chapter that an ethnically distinct work is maintained by Paul. Israel is not just a spiritual moniker for Paul. At times it is, and we dare not try to maintain one type of redemption in Christ for the Hebrew and another for any other, but there are I say promises of God that will be maintained to the end to the people descended from Abraham. Paul keeps a sort of identification alive here. It remains an ethnic one in a way that does not center God’s redemptive works on the Hebrew people, but still includes them in the tree of redemption God never uprooted. I am an Amillennialist with Postmillennial tendencies.

God bless!!!

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