Systematic Theology (26 of 27). The Atonement (3 of 3) (143 min)

Joseph Pittano

Today we conclude the formal part of our time together in this class with the conclusion of chapter 27 on “The Atonement”. There are many more chapters in the book. I invite you to get the book and get into them all. It’s Dr. Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology.” It’s been a great 26 classes!

The reason today’s class is so long is the wonderful conversation that ensued just after. It’s a very normal conversation that needs to be had. It’s a very common part in the cause of rediscovering the biblical gospel. I like posting it because such are the questions that always invariably arise when we study Scripture on the matter. The lack of the church’s ability and willingness to humbly and clearly debate as we did today is a part of why we’re so weak in every other area of life. It was a wonderful time worthy of being called a “Sunday school.”

A link to the essay I read some of today by JI Packer is here:

Next week, Lord willing, we’ll come back together to examine some more questions together, but there’ll be only one more class to go due to my timeline constraint.

God bless!!!

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