Hebrews Study (29 of 30). Hebrews 13:1-19 (73 min)

Joseph Pittano

Another road trip message. May we never take lightly the things to which we’re called in the Faith. This section of God’s word is filled with practical exhortations for living out our New Covenant life in Christ. Our author has laid down the facts like a wise master builder. Jesus never changes. It’s the very nature of perfection not to. We change because we’re imperfect. He never changes because he is. His yoke is easy, but it’s still a yoke we bear if we follow him. It’s nothing like the heavy yoke he broke from our necks, but we do bear it. There is so much to consider in this passage. So many things to pay attention to. I hope to do this section justice while driving today. Lord, I offer my life up to you in all sincerity.

God bless!!!

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