To the Saints in Pakistan (23 of 38). Romans 9:15-24

Joseph Pittano

This chapter is a part of Paul’s inspired and in-depth theology on God’s sovereignty in election. These are God’s words on paper for us therefore. We are seeing how it is we believed. God has an elect people. This was true in Israel’s history, and it is still true today. Paul walks us through this to demonstrate that though it may seem like God has failed, no, God never does. God has done what God has decreed. God foreknows (loves his elect people by name) and thus predestined his sheep before he made the world, calls his own to himself through faith in their lives, justifies his own, and glorifies his own. Romans 8:29-30 ( These are not passing statements on the matter whereby we’re more at risk of allowing our various systematic theologies and even our biases to intrude and distort what God’s word says. If we follow his logic, which we’ve been doing for weeks now, we’re chapters in to seeing how clear it is that it is God is our Savior, and there is no other. He does not share his glory with the wills of any man. God shows mercy to whoever he chooses. We are required to reconcile ourselves to God; we are not to reconcile ourselves to idols.

God bless!!!

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