To the Saints in Pakistan (33 of 38). Romans 14:1-23

Joseph Pittano

“The branch with the most fruit hangs lowest to the ground.” -Charles Spurgeon. Romans 14 is all about how we serve our God together in this life. It is true meat. It’s about love, deference, and foresight. All of us will stand before God. In Christ, how can we help one another toward that great, joyous, and most marvelous day?! As believers, we must learn to value unity over uniformity. A sound theology with its necessary built-in resiliency will lead us to such practices. We will learn to separate what is necessary in our Faith from what is not. Here we have the idea of “adiaphora” or “things indifferent” dealt with in a clear historical context. As with every way God does this, it’s of tremendous benefit to us all to see it dealt with in an actual cultural scenario. I pray our walk through the text will help you see in your own life where love and peace might just make all the difference.

God bless!!!

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