A Pastoral Discussion on the Church (2 of 4)

Joseph Pittano, Brant Small

The Bible clearly details for us what a New Covenant church looks like. God tells us what its mission is, what qualifies its leaders and members, and what its people are to be about both by example and by prescription. One thing that’s certain is that God does not call his children to a “solo Christianity.” Throughout the Bible’s history in fact, he’s always built community. As evidence for this, consider that every letter we have in the New Testament was written either to a church (most of them), to folks associated with one, or to educate mankind on what Christ has done to build it. Jesus’ promise to build his church is a sure promise carried out in every generation. We pray you’re a part of it in your churches today. A Christian church is one where the Gospel of the love and free grace of the triune God is proclaimed! It’s a place grounded in the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the full counsel of the Bible. God defines for his church the kind of men called to lead in it, and I’m joined by such a man today to talk about it.

We want people to understand the indispensable role of the local church in their lives for their joy and growth! We know that Jesus has chosen to shape believers for his glory by the work of the church. By the day in day out, week in week out, transforming work of God by the Spirit and by the word. In Christ, we have all that we need for salvation, but no believer is called to live that salvation out alone. We’re called to a body.

Pastor Brant Small joins me today to discuss the church. Our goal is to talk with Christians about some of the how and why of God’s designs in the local church. By this we hope to stir up love for the local church in his people. We know that while ninety-nine percent of Christians aren’t called to be pastors or leaders, one hundred percent of us are called to fellowship. We humbly pray that this series of videos will help anyone watching or listening to understand and appreciate more of the genius of God in establishing his church.

Pastor Brant Small is the senior pastor of Sun City Church in El Paso, TX, a church planted in the city just a few years ago. You can find Sun City Church of El Paso or Pastor Brant at the links below:

God bless!!!

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