A Real Answer for Cultural Ills. Thoughts on a Talk Between Joe Rogan and Matthew McConaughey (45 mi

Joseph Pittano

What’s the answer for a nation’s cultural ills? Surely, no one reading this would deny that we have them. I’m an American, but I’m sure this applies everywhere else too. Can we ever, “Get it right?” If so, how can we ever hope to do so? Is there really an answer? It’s always complex, but it’s also always simple. Some things must remain the main thing. God must be at the center. If in any sized group of non-hypocrites this is the case, that group is blessed. In a diverse culture filled with both Christians and non-believers, there are only secondary applications of this fact to be considered. What leads best to peace for all is still having God at the center as much as possible.

Here’s a link to their talk:

God bless!!!

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