A Call to Men

Joseph Pittano

The church is the steady-state answer. For any culture at any time this was always the case. As we as Americans have become more and more openly opposed to Jesus in recent years, we’ve become opposed to men being men. For men of faith, the saltiness of the church must continue to be our focus. We’re not called to be “world changers.” We’re called just to be faithful. Repentance is up to God. The church is simply called to be faithful in the midst of the wider culture in their own repentance and lives. Christians are called both to live and to proclaim the Gospel. Truth and love; love and truth. This message is a call to men to be men. This message is a call for men to be who called has called you to be in your lives and in his church. I pray you’ll answer the call with me.

God bless!!!

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