God Doesn't Make Objects He Can't Lift. Open Q&A Session (54 min)

Joseph Pittano

Throughout the course of most of my longer Bible studies, I try to set aside some days to open up the study to any and every question the people coming might have. The main course is exposition, but open Q & A, I feel, is a very healthy thing to do along the way. Today, I was afforded such an opportunity, and had a great question asked. I pray it’s a blessing to you as you consider both the question and the answer given. We get to a bit more than just the one question, but most of our time is answering whether God could ever make an object that he himself can’t lift. And it's Psalm 135:6 I quote erroneously around 25 minutes in. I get close by memory saying 135:4, but it's vs. 6, not 4.

God bless!!!

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