Christmas Fundraiser in Pakistan 2022

Joseph Pittano

Merry Christmas! Here are just some of the pictures and videos showing what our third Pakistani Christmas fundraiser has done. These pastors are hard at work to show the people in their villages their love and friendship. They are hosting services, praying in the homes, going to the workplaces, and doing the works of evangelists. They tell their listeners that Christ has died, has risen, and is coming again! They make great use of these gifts in those works.

We raised $960.00 in about two weeks. That’s 200,158.92 Pakistani Rupee. With it all sent, the teams there purchased food (rice, corn, bread, beans, noodles and more) soaps and detergents, toothpaste and more. They did a lot of work to separate commodities into individual bags and boxes and took some pictures and videos to share back in thanks. These are not all the pictures that came in. Previously in 2022, we purchased Urdu Bibles for them, and also raised money for flood relief efforts.

Thank you sincerely to you who are hopefully- 1) blessed by (the website itself, the social media works on Twitter, Facebook, and Rumble (via videos, audios, devotionals, articles, discussions, etc.) and

2) partnering financially with me in such noble works as these. Thank you in Jesus’ name. I am not in this for money and have not made a single cent on any of it.

Thank you! From us here in Texas for one more winter and from our family of faith in Pakistan- Merry Christmas and happy new year!

God bless!!!

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