The Christian Faith- Christ Its Captain, Truth Its Rudder

Joseph Pittano

Christianity is not what it means to any one of us. It is external to us. It is first entirely in Christ. The Gospel is Jesus’ life and ministry works through his Cross. How it applies to anyone then is primarily in the grace that remits sins. The Gospel therefore can also be said to be the forgiveness of sin…and whatever else God wants to tell us in the Bible’s full counsel. God himself is the Gospel in the final analysis. So, the church since the beginning has been given a message to preach. In this video, I make use of one influential theologian’s writings on the Trinity to talk about the church’s doctrinal mandate for each generation. I pray it’s useful to you as you consider Jesus Christ today.

The article I’m reading from in this message is called, “The Holy Trinity” by Louis Berkhof. It can be found at:

God bless!!!

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