Isaiah Study. Part 9. Isaiah 6 (63 min)

Joseph Pittano

Let’s go back 2,761 years to 739 BC as we continue through Isaiah together today. The amazing nature of the extraordinary vision God gave to Isaiah in this chapter was unusual even for this great prophet. What seeing it taught Isaiah, and what it teaches us today about God and the world we also live in is truly invaluable. We need to see this. Isaiah was called to prophesy in some of the worst times in history. His ministry call was not overly optimistic. God was about to judge his people to a dreadful measure for their covenant unfaithfulness. But God was in control and he would not let the people go. His wrath never slumbers yet his mercy never fails. Romans 9:29 teaches us this. Let’s consider the message God gave this man, let’s consider the Jesus who Isaiah was allowed to see, and let’s consider ourselves beneath him right alongside our brother, Isaiah.

God bless!!!

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