Colossians Study 2013 (42 of 44). Colossians 4:5-11 (2 of 2)

Joseph Pittano

Learning about who Christ is and what he has done for his church is what Colossians is all about. Throughout this book, we’ll learn from Paul about what it looks like to be “saved” by Jesus. That our forgiveness in fellowship with him is actually a transfer from one kingdom to another, from death to life. We’ll learn rich theological and foundational truths to the Faith and then also how to live those truths out rightly in our lives. Being born again makes nothing less than saints of us. This knowledge can lead us to right worship and right living. Just like in Colossae, based on what Jesus has done, we are compelled to serve him and one another more in light of the truth. This series was recorded at a church in Georgia before another of my deployments to Afghanistan. Thank you for joining us!

God bless!!!

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