A Talk with Clement Eastwood

Joseph Pittano, Clement Eastwood

Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with a young friend in Ghana Africa. His name’s Clement Eastwood. He has some great questions for me that we both wanted to share with you. What does the Bible say about the will of man? We’re clearly called to repent and believe in Jesus, and it’s clear that God doesn’t do this for anyone, so does that mean that salvation is entirely up to us? Is God omniscient? Is there predestination with him? Is the will free to choose Jesus if they hear of him or isn’t it? The Bible also clearly says that salvation is entirely up to God, and not to us in Romans 9. The Bible says that we’re all so hostile to God that if left to ourselves no one gets this choice right in Romans 3. So, what’s really going on? Is our will what saves us, is it God, or is it both? Does the flesh profit us anything, or does it literally profit us nothing? Do we need a Savior to be the way, or just a co-savior to show us the way? What does Jesus mean that no one can believe in him unless he or she’s been given to him by the Father in John 6? What do we say of all these things? Well, let’s talk about it.

God bless!!!

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