1 John Study (14 of 15). 1 John 5:9-17 (68 min)

Joseph Pittano

The Christian life is about glorifying God with our whole hearts and minds. Working out our salvation. Christ is the source and foundation of salvation. Today, we’ll see a bit more about what that looks like in our lives laid out for us by John. God’s witness is given to the works of Jesus. The Spirit bears this witness with God’s children. This specific witness is not given to the world, but it’s given freely to God’s people. Seeing this changes and shapes everything. We’ll see how it shapes even the prayers we pray. We’ll talk about sin leading to death and sin not leading to death. We’ll see John’s great love spelled out for his readers in his desire for them to know the wonders of their salvation. Everything we need is in the Lord Jesus. All wisdom is hidden in him. I pray that you know it.

God bless!!!

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