To the Saints in Pakistan (34 of 38). Romans 15:1-13

Joseph Pittano

If we could only learn the precious reality of the Christian Faith that we can each of us handle it today in a way that puts us in the company of the greatest men and women who’ve ever walked on the face of the earth we’d have greater joy in our daily lives! Jesus has conquered evil. He is risen. He has always owned it all, but God has added (now glorified) flesh to his triune nature. Until he comes again, we’re called to live out our lives in him. We see today just how amazingly applicable our faith is to our daily lives. It is not beyond us, below us, above us, it is within us. We all have access. We can all, “Receive one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.” Romans 15:7. This life we live. Our war with our sin in the Sabbath rest of the Great High Priest is what he purchased us from hell for! We love our neighbors as ourselves and we’re half fulfilling his commands for our lives while loving him first in the rest. Oh, what heights in our depths! May this word today stir up in you the call to be “Christian” both inside and outside the church.

God bless!!!

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