A Response to Dr. Michael Brown on God's Mourning of Evil

Joseph Pittano

I am Baptist Reformed. I jokingly wish to affirm that I’m the most Reformed Baptist you’ll ever meet. Because I find

historic Baptist theology to be biblically consistent I am led to affirm it. In all humility I would say that the Reformed Baptist system of theology exercises Sola Scriptura more thoroughly than any other even Christian system I’ve had the pleasure of coming across, and its confessions help me define certain necessary-to-be-defined doctrines in many ways. I respect Dr. Michael Brown (Twitter @DrMichaelLBrown, all over Youtube, or at I really do. I firmly believe I will fellowship with him in heaven. In this video,

however, I would like to provide a response to one of his recent criticisms of Calvinism. Is this a “full answer?” No. Is it a part of the answer for me? Yes. 

God bless!!!

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