Trinity. Part 8

Joseph Pittano

The cardinal doctrine of the Christian religion is our doctrine of God. If we get this wrong everything’s wrong. Jesus fully revealed to the world who he is. It’s in the light of his life and teachings that we can truly know and enjoy God as he is. Why have Christians taught the truth of what’s been called in our history “The Doctrine of the Trinity” since the start? Where does this truth come from? Does it matter? Are you able to define God’s tri-unity biblically? What if a false brother comes to you and says it’s not biblical? Could you give a defense? My hope is to walk through the biblical doctrine with you in short and digestible parts. This is a truth that needs to be communicated again and again in each generation of Christ’s church. I hope you’ll be blessed and that you’ll share these messages with someone else.

Additional resources for study are abundant.

John Calvin’s “Institutes of the Christian Religion.”

James White’s “The Forgotten Trinity.”

Millard Erickson’s “Christian Theology.”

Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology.” In this part of my talk I share from Dr. Grudem from the following site:

The London Baptist Confession of Faith:

God bless!!!

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