Systematic Theology (4 of 27). The Canon of Scripture (1 of 2) (51 min)

Joseph Pittano

Learning to trust in the canon of Holy Scripture is nothing less than learning to trust in God himself. One comes with the other. We do not do this today, even more than at any other time, in credulity. The Bible is perfect. It is everything we need and so very much more. It is a well that the faithful have drawn the purest and most perfect truth from for several millennia without fail. It is to be heralded soundly in every church service, meditated upon daily in our homes, loved over our kids, and should produce praise in our hearts toward God in warm reflection. Whether we "feel" it or not the Bible is our standard. It, not us. Church, raise the flags and fight under this glorious banner. Make them boldly colored and be fearless. Anything less than this is from the devil.

God bless!!!

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