CH Spurgeon Tribute

Joseph Pittano

During a trip I made to England recently, I had the immense joy of visiting the Metropolitan Tabernacle. The church of the Reverend Pastor CH Spurgeon. It was the main thing I wanted to see, really. I saw the sanctuary, made a new friend at the bookstore, purchased some rare materials, had a mini photo shoot with a statue of Charles, and recorded this brief video. It’s not a long video. I’d like to read for you just a few of Spurgeon’s quotes that had tremendous impact on me as a younger Christian man. If you’ve not read from Pastor Spurgeon, I’d like to invite you to today. The internet is full of his writings. It would not be a waste of one moment. This video is mainly a tribute to him. He is without a doubt a man whose memory I hold in the highest esteem.

God bless!!!

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