How to Study the Bible (4 of 7). (68 min)

Joseph Pittano

I so very much long in life to be part of the pastors in my generation rooting and grounding God’s people in the word! It is my great passion to see believers taught the truth. To that end, tonight is part four of our study on how to study the Bible. How to study is to develop one’s theology- the queen of the sciences. I am utilizing my decades-old John MacArthur Study Bible for this. In it he has a section called, interestingly enough, “How to Study The Bible.” This study Bible is a resource I very highly recommended for anyone to get. This particular section is near the front of it and consists of about four total pages of helpful material. Our goal is to go through it and talk about each point. I pray you’re richly blessed as you join us!

God bless!!!

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