2 John Study (1 of 2). 2 John 1-6 (53 min)

Joseph Pittano

We recently concluded a study of 1 John together. All of those audio messages are all available in the audio section of the site now. At some point during those months our study went online due to constraints concerning COVID-19. That continues today.

Today we’re going to begin a journey through John’s other two epistles. John the Apostle, one of the original twelve disciples of Jesus, was the author of five of the twenty-seven letters of the New Covenant. His letters we call second and third John are the shortest epistles in the New Testament. But they’re as inspired as Romans is. Much of what’s said in these shorter epistles was already said in 1 John. But what I love about these other letters is how they show the man’s pastoral heart in yet another place desiring God’s people there to know the truth there just as much. He wants to affirm his readers in the Lord wherever possible. He does so in both instruction and warning. I pray you’re blessed by our start to these amazing but short letters as we begin in them today.

God bless!!!

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