Lordship Salvation. A Talk with D.J. Keesee

Joseph Pittano, D.J. Keesee

“Lordship Salvation” is both a wonderful and necessary doctrinal area to explore. Jesus commands obedience, but what role do our works play in our lives as Christians? What does the life of a Christian look like? Where does true assurance come from? Since we’re all still sinners, what do we say of our hearts when we consider the sin in our lives that remains after Christ saves us? Is there such a thing as a “Carnal Christian” at all? Does it rob us of rest in Christ and assurance to say that we must bear fruit? If not, why not? If so, how? These are all worthy questions. And these are just some of the questions we’ll consider in our talk tonight. We originally planned to talk for only about 45 minutes, but there was just too much to say. We hope that ultimately this talk will help anyone who wants to understand the Gospel better to know why they can indeed rest in Christ…just as we do.

I’ve had two previous discussions with D.J. before back in 2022 and 2021, both of which were mentioned early on in our talk tonight. Here are the links to those talks on YouTube: “A Discussion on Natural Law.” December of 2021- “John Piper and Justification by Faith Alone.” December of 2022-

God bless!!!

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