Isaiah Study. Part 10. Chapter 7 (69 min)

Joseph Pittano

This chapter gives us some interesting insights into the life of God’s people in this time. It’s often a long and very sad story of political divide, idolatry, and fear. Just as we’d expect in an honest account of any people, Israel’s kings have both much to repent for and much to be thankful for. God has a message for Judah’s king. Isaiah is going to bring it to him. You’ll see more about this message in the book if you continue through it. It will all come to pass. We have the wonderful and rather ubiquitous Christmas passage in Isaiah 7:14 cited in Matthew 1:23: “…Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” What did this mean to Isaiah, to Ahaz, or the people of Judah in their day? What does it have to do with Matthew’s day roughly 700 years later in our Lord’s birth? Let’s talk about it. This message is a part of an on-going series through Isaiah.

God bless!!!

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