Joseph Pittano, Carlos Gonzalez

Today, we’re on the campus of the University of South Florida to discuss the idea of exclusivity or absolute truth. Can the message of Christianity be true if there is in fact even just one other truth on earth? We say no. We’ll also briefly broach the subject of evolution as a tenet of the trendiest new religion of our day called secularism. We have the privilege of having a few talks on camera with a few students. We also had some great conversation off camera as well that we obviously can’t show you. Going out to this venue should become a regular thing. 

You can check out Carlos on his podcast on YouTube called, “Married on a Mission” anytime.

Our special thanks also to Faith T. and Ratio Christi as well for letting us use her table today in partnership with her outreach at the school!  You can learn more about Ratio

Christi here: If you’d like information on the USF

group, you can reach out to us here and we’ll happily connect you.

God bless!!!

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