Acts Study (40 of 44). Chapter 24 (56 min)

Joseph Pittano

Paul taught nothing new, reader. He claimed that what he was shown by Christ by the illumination of God was as old as the Jewish faith itself. We’ll see today a bit about how it’s actually as old as the Fall of Adam and Eve themselves. Jesus proved that he was God and the one that all of the Scriptures pointed to. He came to fulfill everything necessary. Many Jews came to see that he was the Messiah. He brought in a reign and an everlasting kingdom. They knew that he was the King of Israel, and I proclaim that today like Paul did then. To disagree with these things is to disagree with God himself. It’s essential for us to see this as believers. It is not our authority (nor was it Paul’s) upon which we all speak if we know Jesus. “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” Matthew 28:18b-19a. We speak on Jesus’ authority in telling men to repent and believe. We do this as we proclaim promises both made and fulfilled. Christianity is the reason for God’s covenant with Abraham, and vice versa. It’s all one massive plan and it has already produced an innumerable number of disciples. We’ll see Paul defend himself in Caesarea here today under that overarching plan as he defends himself from false accusations under the Roman legal system of the day. This chapter will end around the year AD 59.

God bless!!!

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