Round Table Talk. Episode 4. Part 1. Denominationalism (37 min)

Aaron Morgan, Jonathan Spenn, clint hail

This is part 1 of 3. Today’s talk is about why there are so many denominations of Christianity. It’s been divided into three parts. All of us have to ask ourselves why specific biblical areas of emphasis seem more important in one church than in another. After 2,000 years of the church growing I think it’s time we learn to celebrate the diversity that is clearly intended by God. We get more gospel with our varying avenues of approach. There is a core to the Bible. There is a gospel. There is wholesome doctrine. Orthodoxy (right belief) is merely a question of whether or not God is someone’s (or some group’s) instructor in the word. If he is then we believe that this will show in a proper and maturing understanding of what we call “core doctrines”. Aside from that, personal flavors, geography, social influences and more can influence a group’s positions on what we call “secondary doctrines”. Denominations, to be properly so-called, can only differ on secondary matters. We do and that’s ok. Let’s talk about why.

Here is a brief written definition of what I and my guests today would call Christianity. Christianity is more than just propositional truths on paper, but not less. These are the “essential” or “core doctrines”. They stand alone and yet they stand together.

-We affirm that the Holy Bible is perfect in its original text. God wrote it. The church of Jesus Christ has a 66 book Bible.

-We affirm the physical, literal and historical Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

-We affirm that salvation is by grace through faith alone and not by any works. We have no merit to boast of in our salvation. Our righteousness is an alien righteousness.

-We affirm that God is triune. In the nature of the only one true and living God there are three coequal Persons. The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. The Christian God is without exception one Holy Trinity.

-We affirm Jesus’ Virgin Birth.

-We affirm Jesus’ perfect sinlessness.

-We affirm that Jesus is the only way to heaven for all because all men are dead, even by the Ten Commandments alone, in personal trespasses and sins.

-We deny non-Lordship salvation. We must be born again. This will change us progressively and place us willingly at war with all known sin in our lives.

God bless!!!

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