Theological Foundations for Marriage (51 min)

Joseph Pittano

Christianity provides a consistent and exhaustive view of marriage. Its teaching on the subject are nothing short of profound. The foundation for marriage is not the state. It is not the constitution of the United States. It isn’t the church. It is not even the two people (the man and the woman) getting married. The foundation for marriage is God himself via his word on the matter. Scripture is full of teaching on marriage, and also of examples of what happens when people don’t obey his guidelines on it. If you want to know best how something is supposed to work, the best person to ask is that thing’s designer. God designed marriage. If we really want a firm grasp on what it’s supposed to look like in our lives, we must go to him for instructions. In the Bible, he gives it. His word on it is wonderful. This talk given here is a brief look at the biblical foundation for marriage. I taught this in Germany many years ago. This is just the audio of that visual presentation.

God bless!!!

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