Systematic Theology (21 of 27). Providence (3 of 3) (77 min)

Joseph Pittano

The beautiful doctrine of the providence of God cannot be covered in three classes with any real thoroughness. We’ve breezed through a terrific treatment of it by Dr. Grudem. Seeking for consistency is a part of the pursuit of perfection I think we’re to set before us in theology. That’s what systematic theology helps us do. It helps us to be consistent with all of our interpretations and categories. It helps us prioritize exegesis far above philosophy which is proper. If we don't do this we'll surely end up in error to some degree. We must learn to walk through our presuppositions about how God operates in our lives and bring them into accord with everything else we believe. Scripture must dominate our thoughts. What Scripture itself reveals in its whole counsel is, of course, the key to this. We must put in the time. This class is a part of that. I hope it’s a blessing to you. Today we’ll finish a talk about what providence looks like in our very lives.

Next week I hope to skip over to chapter 24 on “Sin.” We’ll be doing pages 490-500.3.

God bless!!!

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