Round Table Talk. Episode 6. Part 2. Doing Missions Work as a Member of the Body of Christ (37 min)

Jonathan Spenn

This is part 2 of 2. Today, Dr. John Spenn joins me to talk about his missionary work around the world. It’s a fascinating reflection on the motivations for missions, what we can do to support missions, and what Scripture commands us all to consider in our roles in the Great Commission as diverse members of the body of Christ. Whenever we consider the reasons behind why we do the things we do it’s important to always remember that our main audience is God himself. It’s also important to remember that we all have a part to play. Join me on an insightful glimpse into the missionary world, and the many ways we can spread the gospel in this fallen world.

References still available and mentioned throughout this episode are below-

John Spenn's blogs:

“When Helping Hurts. Alleviate Yourself” by Steve Corbett

and Brian Fikkert.

“The Great Omission.” Steve Saint:

Short term missions organizations:

Longer term missions organizations:



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